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Meet Kayla & Asia

Covington & Co. Clothing

“Starting a new business seven months prior, we were ready to up our game and invest into growing ourselves and our business. We met Lisa at one of our local events and connected over coffee after. We knew she was a great fit to help us increase to a higher level. Enrolling in her coaching program has done just that.

Working with Lisa, we have discovered a fresh mindset that has caused us to think more abundantly. We were able to fine tune our goals and our purpose. In the first few months of working with her, we have already seen an increase of 36% in our sales in comparison to the previous quarter. We have also implemented daily disciplines and a schedule that allows us to run our business in a way that works for us and our families, rather than looking back and realizing our business ran us. It's all about creating your life!

Aside from our excitement of the increased revenue in our business, we feel she has given us the avenue to think beyond what we thought was possible and accomplish goals we thought were out of our reach. We cannot express how valuable she has been to us!”


Meet Emily

Green Bay Doulas

“Kaela as my life coach was such a wonderful experience, she met me where I was in my journey as a women and small business owner. She pushed me to think outside the box, opened me up to challenging myself and helped me find a new purpose within myself to be a more confident, strong women which benefits myself as a mother, wife, business owner and community member.”

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Meet Brita

Brita Caroline Photography, Portrait Photographer

“When I met Lisa I was struggling with my energy and my health and I knew that business was ready for an uplevel.  As a professional photographer I love to focus on the creative side of my work, but disorganization, and procrastination were keeping me from growing my business into what I knew it could be.

Since hiring Lisa as my coach I have experienced transformation on many levels! I have lost 63 pounds, I have more energy, more clarity and I have had a record year in my business!”

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Meet Kate S.

The Compass by Kate

“When I first started working with Kaela I had a vague idea of something that I wanted to do in regards to a creative venture. In a matter of 6 short months we were able to turn this idea into a business that I am truly so proud of. It is a reflection of my passions and the purpose I want to serve in life AND it has allowed me to earn an income! I would not have made it to this point without Kaela's expertise and guidance. Additionally, I have gotten so much value out of Kaela's 'Lucrative Lady Bosses' group. The expert interviews are incredibly insightful and I look forward to them every month. If you are looking for a sign, here it is: Invest in yourself by working with Kaela. You won't regret it.”

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Meet Nikki

Encompass Therapeutic Massage, Massage Therapist

“I had recently moved back to my home town and opened my own massage practice when I joined Lisa’s Mastermind group.   At the time, I didn't have a full schedule, and finances were tight.

2 months after joining, my monthly income doubled as a result!   My mindset has also shifted from always focusing on lack to now focusing on abundance. This is a huge part of why I am where I am now.  More clients, more positive, believing in abundance, more financial freedom!”


Meet Kate M.

Klem Studios, Photographer

"After working with Kaela for just three weeks, I quit my part-time job that was heavily supplementing my income and never looked back. It was the best decision I've ever made! Working with Kaela has truly changed my business and my life. By July of this year, I surpassed my previous year's revenue, and it's only continuing to grow!"

Christine Mannined.jpeg

Meet Christine

Otter Lake Cabins, Resort Owner

“When I started coaching with Lisa I had changed jobs and was newly out of a long-term relationship, and was contemplating a bigger career change.

Working with Lisa as my coach I was able to realize that I could still retain my former career (in a part-time capacity) but also restore and reopen my family's log cabin resort in the U.P. of Michigan. It wasn’t that I had to choose between the two but that l really could do “both and more”!

Once I committed to my goals and the process of getting there, it all started to come together. I joined Lisa’s Empowered Business Leaders group (all female business owners), which has further inspired and motivated me. With lots of hard work and determination, I am well on my way to reopening the cabins in 2019.”


Meet Alex

HeiPro Digital, Web Designer

"I started my journey with Kaela’s rockstar coaching about a year ago, and since I’ve hired her so many great things have happened for me. With her insight, I was able to hone in on my ideal client, realign the services I offer, and ultimately rebrand and relaunch my website. She's helped me bust up my inner game patterns and encouraged me to outsource, so I have a better work-life balance. I'm quickly approaching consistent five-figure months, and I owe so much of it to her!”

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Meet Dr. Sarah

Vitality Chiropractic

“My business (which was only 2 yrs old) was growing and opening up many opportunities. With all the options of which direction I wanted to pursue the growth and venture into new territory I found myself anxious, paralyzed by choices, and doubting my abilities to lead my business to new levels. I reached out to help me get clear on what I truly wanted and what was holding me back (mindset, limiting beliefs etc).

Working with Lisa allowed me to get clear on my goals and set up a plan to achieve them. Beyond that she helped me to untangle and process my thoughts, beliefs, and stories along the way. I walked away feeling clear, empowered, and had a mindset to help me achieve anything!

During my coaching with Lisa I made a huge step in investing in myself! I signed up for a leadership coaching all the way across the United States which put me out of my comfort zone like never before. I said YES! to me and working on myself. I know that I AM the key to my business and Lisa helped me to put my money where my mouth is!

PS. I also started to write a book and am introducing a new intensive-care style offering to my clinic after working with Lisa.”

LIsa Almquist.jpg

Meet Lisa

Zen Glow Wellness

“When Lisa and I started working together, I was looking for clarity in my service. What I do is about presence and serving in whatever way I am called so it can be difficult to business plan.  I offer what is needed based on flow and demand. I knew i was about to expand but was unsure how or what that would entail. Blocks in the area of abundance and worthiness were needing to be addressed.

As a result of working with Lisa as my coach, I fought through and cleared the areas holding me back and it resulted in the development of new service packages, creation/facilitation of groups, offering special healing events, commitment to myself through self-care and spiritual development. I have been able to serve 100+ clients and am frequently booked several weeks in advance. I am listening with increasing clarity to my call to serve and how that looks it changing rapidly. I have been able to offer my services in donation to many and am blessed and grateful to be able to donate some of my special event proceeds in full to charitable organizations.”