You Don’t Need to Work Harder or Smarter to Create Results

There is a myth that working hard creates results or hard work creates money. Maybe that is what you learned growing up and maybe that is still how you feel you have to operate. I get it. It’s so embedded in our culture. When the US was formed it happened by brute force. We worked really hard and it worked. It makes sense that this is in our lineage. We feel like we have to be forceful to make it happen. But that is a myth. And then that myth got replaced by working smarter. Working smarter might be multitasking, or trying to outthink whatever it is you are doing. What I’ve realized when trying to work smarter, trying to figure out all the shortcuts, is that I go down a rabbit hole, my brain becomes exhausted and my results don’t change. 

We don’t need to work hard or smarter! There’s a different way we can operate instead and this way ALWAYS creates more results for me. Instead of working harder or smarter, just be present. Be present, and connected, and committed to whatever it is you are doing. You don’t have to multi-task, hustle, or try to outsmart your business. Just be present. Stay in the step that you are in and focus on it. Don’t think about who you have to serve next or the emails you have to send, but breathe and be present to whatever it is you’re doing now.

Being present and connected gets results and gets them much faster! Being present is a choice. It is a choice that we get to make in every moment. You might forget, but when you do, you get to choose again. 

Being present allows us to shift out of working harder or working smarter. It allows us to show up in a way that can fill our cup and nourish us. It allows us to make a difference.



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