Connect with Your Value

Connecting with your value is a conversation that often comes up with clients. Before we get into the how, let’s talk about why we would want to connect with our value.

When we talk pricing, a lot of times I hear things like:

“Should I be raising my prices?”  

“I’m fearful of raising my prices.”

“I think I need to lower my prices.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

Do these sound familiar?

Whenever we get into a conversation about pricing and are trying to decide what kind of investment we want others to make for our products or services, it’s important to first have a value conversation. As entrepreneurs, in order to build a lucrative business, be prosperous, make an impact, and serve the clients in the way we want to serve them we have to set prices and in order to do that we must first be connected with our value.

It is so important to be connected with our value and continue to connect with it on a daily basis. Here’s what I mean by being connected with our value. I’m not talking about the value of our service or product that we provide (which is valuable too), but the value of who we are. The reason that we are able to create a product or service that generates value is because we are already innately valuable. When we show up connected to our value, the work that we do in the world and the impact we create for our clients spreads much deeper.

How do we do that?

Here are two of my favorite ways to connect with value:

  1. I ask myself, “Who was I when I was born?” I think of myself as a baby right after birth. In that moment, who was i as a human being? I don’t have a memory of it, but I believe I was love, compassion, curiosity, energy. All of those things made me who I was in that moment and I am still that same person. So are you. Sometimes as we go through life we forget that that’s who we are. I allow myself to close my eyes and sink into that. I am clear that everyone around me knows that that’s who I am too. I can dial up what it feels like to be that and step into it on any given day.

  2. I will make a list of all of the roles that I have for myself. Girlfriend, sister, coach, dancer. Then I ask myself, “Who am I being when I’m acting on that role in the best way possible?” For me it might be playful, generous, powerful, loving. Use those roles as a window to see who you actually are at your core. This is your innate value. Your value isn’t because of what you do. Who you are is what makes you valuable.

Now that we are connected with our value, we can step into actually serving and create a pricing structure that is in alignment with that and a match for our clients. I want to invite you to step into connecting with the value of who you are and allow that to inform any other actions or decisions you are making in your business or your life.