How to Courageously Share Your Truth to Serve Your Clients

Have you shared your truth? A lot of times we want to share our story and our breakthroughs, but we often feel fear of being judged, or fear of someone seeing us in a different light, or even fear that we are just taking up too much space. If you follow along with me on social media, you know that I share pretty liberally about the times that I’ve been a hot mess. The reason I share so willingly about these times, is because I know that it serves the people that I’m talking to. You can share these stories too, from a place that isn’t victim-y, but from a place of service. Let’s start with the why.

Why would you want to share your story? Because it is YOUR story. When we are able to speak our truth, that is an opportunity for us to step into our own liberation and claim who we are. It is a way to stand in our worth and our value. Another reason is because it serves the people who follow along with us. When we speak our truth it can benefit others by creating a shared feeling. We are able to communicate a particular feeling that we’ve experienced before and it helps our clients to know that we get how they are feeling and that, not only do we understand it, we’ve lived it too. And through these stories we get to share a lesson. We can share authentically about a learning experience and get to serve someone else.

Some of these hot mess stories I share often are:

  • When I was $100,000 in debt from student loans and medical bills - I share this because I too know how it feels to be broke.

  • When I was self medicating with chocolate and Netflix - I share this because I know how it feels to be lonely and uncertain.

And don’t forget about the success stories too:

  • Like the time I made more money in one month than I used to make in an entire year!

I get that sometimes my clients feel broke, or feel lonely, or the opposite and feel like total BADASSES! When we share these stories we get to connect. So many of us share these feelings. When we share our stories we get to be aligned with others. And then we get to share a lesson. When I was $100,000 in debt, I learned that I could still create a way to make a $16,000 investment to start a coaching program. I learned that my circumstances do not have to dictate my choices. When I was self medicating with chocolate and Netflix, I learned that I could shift my reality and that instead of feeling lonely I could create a community. And I share stories about what it is like to make a lot of money and help a lot of people. I share this because it is possible for ANYONE.

Any dream that you have is possible. You are exactly who you are meant to be to create it. It is POWERFUL to learn those lessons as individuals, but also powerful to share it. Sharing is how we create community and connection.

What is the story that feels on your heart? What story do you think would make a difference for someone? It could be a hot mess story or it could be a success story. Ask yourself what feeling you want to convey and then what lesson do you want to share. Be intentional. It is helpful to share your story once you’ve gotten to the other side, so you can then share the lesson. Lean into your own worth. Courageously share your story and your truth. Your story is worthy of sharing. You are allowed to take up space and you don’t need permission from anybody. I can’t wait to hear your truth.