Trusting Your Intuition


When I first launched my business as a health coach, like most entrepreneurs, I found myself lost in the sea of information out there about how to find clients, how to market, how to make an offer.

I listened to podcasts, took webinars, read books and looked around to see what “everyone else” was doing online.

Chances are you’ve been there too! It’s one of the most common concerns I get from my clients who want to grow their businesses.

Here’s what I tell them, and here’s what I want you to know too.  Marketing funnels are fine and they often work - but there is an even more important tool that you already have access too, no course required.  

Your gut.  Trusting my intuition about what feels right for me is the single most important tool I have in my business.  Before I commit to implementing anything new in my business, I do a quick gut check and ask myself if it feels aligned with who I am and my message in the world.  

If it feels right, I jump in with both feet - but if it doesn’t I steer clear.  Even if it’s the latest, greatest, shiny new thing that promises big results, I won’t do it if it’s not aligned.

Every time I’ve gone against my gut, it’s ended up being costly.  Either it didn’t work, or there was a lot of stress in the process.  When we choose in favor of what feels true and aligned for us, we create results, we fuel our energy and our passion and we learn to trust ourselves above all else.

Where you do feel confused or stuck in your business right now?  Take a step back and do a gut check. Ask yourself what direction feels most in alignment with who you are and trust your instincts to follow what comes up for you.

As feminine leaders our intuition is our super power.

To your rise,