Would you like to be our next success story?

Do you ever compare yourself to other successful entrepreneurs and feel like they must have it so easy?  They probably have someone clean their house, and a team helping them run their business at the very minimum.

While in the meantime, you’re just getting by financially, and doing it all on your own.  You never quite make it to the end of your to do list, even though you’re working every spare minute, only to get to the end of the day, exhausted without feeling like you’re getting any traction.

Maybe you feel like every time you start making progress, life happens and you get sidetracked focusing on putting out the fire of the moment.

I used to feel this way too. When I first started my business, I worked tons of hours with little results to show for it.  The truth is, the “work” I was doing was often just busy work, managing the never ending to-do list instead of focusing on the activities that actually created clients and moved my business forward.  

I felt guilty for the hours I was putting into my work and taking time away from my family.  I thought the only way to create more money was to work more hours – and I had no more hours to give.  I felt stuck. I considered getting a 9-5 more than once.

But thankfully I didn’t.  Instead I doubled down on my commitment to build my dream business and I began to get serious about making the necessary changes that were keeping me from making the money (and the impact) I desired.

In just 8 weeks I created over $40K in my business and I did it without sacrificing my relationships or my self-care.  In fact they flourished because I learned to build a business that reflected my values and the lifestyle I desired.

But I’m not the only one with a pretty incredible success story.  You can read about what some of our Rise Leadership Circle members have created here.

Our group coaching program is FULL of success stories like these, from other soul centered female entrepreneurs like you, who are kicking some serious butt and making a difference for the people they serve.

For a VERY LIMITED TIME – we have opened enrollment to Rise Leadership Circle.  Are you ready to create the business, the money and the impact you desire NOW?


You don’t have to wait, your success doesn’t have to wait. If you’re ready to have more clients say yes, more income and a business that lights you up, let’s talk.

Enrollment closes on Friday and we are inviting you to join and become our next success story! We know this is a big decision so we’ve opened up a few spots on our calendar in case you’d like to talk to us before you make your decision.

Take us up on a free, no-pressure Abundance Accelerator Session. We’ll talk about if Rise is the best fit for you (we’ll tell you if it’s not) and support you to manifest the money.


Lisa and Kaela