The 3 Types of People Needed in Your Success Squad

Supportive significant others, accountability partners, these are both amazing things to have, but there are 3 other types of people needed in your success squad. Pat Quinn describes them perfectly. Here are the 3 types:

  1. Encourager - This person always sees what’s possible for you! No matter what they are cheering you on. When you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t think so.” They’re saying, “You’ve got this!”

  2. Rock - This person has your back. No matter what way the winds are blowing, they are there to stabilize you. They hear you and they are in it with you. The rock isn’t just the fluff and feel good feelings, they want to break it down to the how with you.

  3. Speed Bump - This person is the one double checking. They need a plan and maybe are a little bit of a devil’s advocate. These are the analyzers in your life. 

We need all three types of these people in our success squad. If we only had an encourager we would be missing a plan. If we only had the rock we might not have enough cheering. If you only had a speed bump, you’d constantly be getting slowed down. We love coaching because we get to flex into each one of these. With our clients we can become any one of these three depending on what’s going on. Identify the people that you are hanging around the most and what type they are. Which one are you missing? We invite you to find the one that you’re missing. Get out there and get your success squad together and watch the magic happen!


Lisa & Kaela