Set Goals without Fear


Are you avoiding setting a goal for fear of not achieving it?

In my house there are a few magic words: peanut butter and goal. You should see the way my puppy Murray and I both jump for joy when Tom says he got a fresh batch of peanut butter at the grocery store. The same thing happens for me when someone says the word “goal.”

When I hear someone mention a goal my ears perk and the corner of my lips can’t help but turn into a smile. I think to myself, “someone’s dreams are about to come true.”

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I love goals! Goals are what continue to move us towards all that is possible for us while also celebrating who we are in the creation of them.

But not everyone feels the same way. Often when I start working with a new client she shares that she doesn’t like to set goals because she’s afraid that she won’t know how to achieve them, or she’ll fall short and never cross the finish line.

To avoid feeling defeated we often skip the goal all together. And by default, we also skip out on the next level of liberation, celebration, and realizing our greatest gifts.

Here is a powerful question to ask yourself if you find that you’re avoiding setting a goal, or setting a small goal that doesn’t bring you joy: Am I being led by my vision or driven by fear?

When we are lead by our vision we cannot help but set a goal. We will be inspired and committed to bring our vision to life. Setting and getting goals happen naturally when fulfilling our vision is our focus.

Being driven by fear takes us out of the game. We roll over to limiting beliefs, lies about how we think we’re not good enough, or that we don’t have what it takes.

Once you’ve got your answer to that question consider the likely result. Being led by vision is predictable to result in the vision being brought to life. AKA abundance! When we are driven by fear the likely result is that we will continue to stay right where we are and get more of the same.


Goals are the fuel to ignite our dreams.

There is good news when it comes to not knowing how to accomplish the goal too. The how only presents itself once the goal has been declared, and even then usually only step by step. This means that you’re not going to know how until you set the goal! And like magic, setting the goal is the key that opens up the door to the first step. Ta-da!

The best chance we have to crossing the finish line and fully reaching our goal starts with being 100% committed to it. And when we are 100% committed miracles happen. It is in this place that reaching our goal becomes easier than we could have ever imagined.


What goal having you been dreaming about accomplishing? Surrender to your vision and allow yourself to declare a goal. The next step will unfold itself.

To your rise,