I’m a Recovering Do-It-All-Oholic

Kaela here!

I’m baring it all and being vulnerable with you today. I am a recovering do-it-all-oholic. I used to be a total YES girl. I’m still a yes girl to the things that I’m a hell yes for, but I used to be a yes girl to everything--picking up extra shifts, staying late, coming in early, meeting somewhere, buying this, doing that. I would always say yes.

And the reason that I was saying yes to doing all of the things was because I was trying to compensate for the belief I had that I wasn’t enough. I felt like I wasn’t smart enough, so I had to take on extra classes. When friends asked me to go to an extra workout class, I would go because I felt like I wasn’t skinny enough.  I thought, since I’m the bosses daughter, I better pick up extra shifts because I’m not worthy enough as a valuable employee just because I am me. I was really connected to this part of me that wasn’t enough. I overcompensated for everything and my to-do list was piling up. The hours of the day that I had for the things I really wanted to do were shrinking.

Here are the three steps I took to shift out of being a do-it-all-oholic and not thinking I was good enough, into being a yes girl for the things I wanted and showing up and following through.

  1. I reaffirm my value every single day. By doing this I connect to my bigger vision and reaffirm that I have everything I need to create this.

  2. Take action where I can make an impact. Instead of thinking what is my task list, I get clear on what action I can take that will make an impact and that aligns with my vision. I’m no longer doing it all from this place, but I am choosing the exact actions that will move the needle.

  3. Delegate & Trust. I don’t have to be all things to all people at all times. Other people in life want to support me. This can be at home or at work. I trust that the other person is fully qualified and capable and valuable enough to do this.

These 3 steps have helped me to transform my life. I’m no longer trapped to yeses that I am not truly a yes for and now have the freedom to be a yes to the things I truly want.

Are you ready to get on the road to recovery?