Generate Clients Who Pay in Full

Kaela here!

How can we support our clients to pay in full? First of all, paying in full isn’t necessarily right or better and making monthly payments isn’t bad or wrong. There are just different ways to do it and if you’re looking to start generating clients who pay in full, you’re in the right place.

What I usually notice for those who are wanting clients to pay in full, but aren’t creating that is an energetic block. If clients aren’t paying in full, it isn’t always because they don’t want to, but usually because we don’t want to ask someone to pay us that much money or don’t believe that someone would.

If having your clients pay in full is something you want to step into one of the benefits for your clients is that they get to be all in right away. It is a full commitment and allows them to show up for themselves fully. There is no backdoor and it makes it easy to not have to think about it later on.

So, here’s how we get our clients to pay in full. We ask. It’s that simple! We invite them to pay in full. Let them know what the investment is, and ask, “Would you like to make payments, or would you like to pay in full?” A lot of times clients don’t know that paying in full is even an option!

If you want to step in to having your clients pay in full all of the time, then share with them the investment. Take a deposit and tell them when the remainder in full is due. Share with them the information and fully trust that they will figure it out or use you as a resource to figure it out as well.

There is no wrong or right way, but remember to invite clients if you want them to pay in full. Let them know that it is an option, or if that’s the only way you want clients to pay, then let them know. Sometimes it is that simple.