Training VS Hustle

Picture yourself being an incredibly successful entrepreneur in whatever way success means to you. Things are rocking. You are so successful, it’s as if we had Olympics for entrepreneurs, you are a gold medalist.

An Olympic entrepreneur knows the difference between hustle and training. Imagine Michael Phelps goes to the Olympics. He jumps in the pool and he’s wildly thrashing around. He’s chaotic and trying to do everything at once. He is missing meals. He is staying up late. He is hustling. Will he win a gold medal doing that? Probably not.

Think about how often you might be doing that same thing in your business. You start wildly sending things out, you are skipping meals, you are not taking care of yourself. At least for the long game, this doesn’t work.

So what does Michael Phelps actually do at the Olympics? For days and weeks and months and years he has a practice that he has been committed to. He trains! He has a system he follows, especially before the Olympics. Everyday when he shows up to train, he doesn’t just wildly jump in. He takes intentional, methodical strokes to build his muscle and to cause the intended result that he wants to happen. That works! 

It works the same for us. When we allow ourselves to train everyday by using systems, practices, and rituals, that is how we create results. What are the practices you can take on to be training instead of hustling? A morning routine, a self care routine, nurturing your clients? These are all ways we can train daily. I’m holding a vision of you as a gold medal entrepreneur. Allow yourself to train and get those results!