HEAL Your Relationship to Money


How would you describe your current relationship with money? Are you bffs? Are you on again off again? Are you on the outs completely?

I’ve been in all of those places at different times in my life. For most of the time it was really rocky. And the reason my money relationship was rocky was because I didn’t have a good relationship with my own self worth. This created a lot of difficult scenarios especially as a business owner. I had a 7 figure business that I wasn’t taking a profit from. I didn’t trust myself and I didn’t feel empowered. And it was a direct result of me being unwilling to be empowered around money and to trust myself. It was a huge wake up call. Before I could heal my relationship with money, I had to heal my relationship with myself first.

I can share this story now, because now it empowers me. I accepted the choices I’ve made in the past. It’s important to be able to love those parts of us. You get to decide what your past means. If you made a poor choice around money, it doesn’t mean that you have to identify as someone that is bad with money. You can choose to be empowered by those choices.

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