The # 1 MUST KNOW Mindset Shift that High Performing Business Owners Understand


Even if you’re not a business owner, this MUST KNOW mindset shift applies to anyone and everyone. The #1 shift for high performing business owners, or anyone that wants to be high performing, is 110% believing in your goals. It is setting a goal or intention, and then believing in it 110%. This applies to anything. Your health, your business, any goal you want to achieve.

A lot of times after we set a goal, our critter brain chimes in and says, “I’ve never been able to do this before.” Or, “I don’t know how to achieve this goal.” And we begin to focus on why it’s probably not going to happen. What is actually required for you to hit your goals is to believe in it 110%. You don’t need any evidence to believe it. What you did in your past, yesterday, or last year has NO impact on what you’re capable of doing. You don’t need to know how. You get to figure out the “how” on your journey. Your path to get there will light up when you choose to make the commitment.

When you believe in something, the action you take based on THAT belief is completely different than when you’re coming from an area of “I don’t know how.” The result you create is always going to match your dominant thoughts or beliefs. Take a moment to look at a result you are currently experiencing in your life. Does that result support your dominant belief system? It always does. When we want to create a new result we have to create beliefs that match that result. As human beings, we are totally free in our minds. No matter what your current circumstances are, you get to believe whatever you want. Instead of hustling hard, what if you tried believing hard instead? If you believe so fully without any back doors would it actually allow the thing to happen without as much hard work? We say yes and we invite you to fully trust and believe in yourself.

We believe in you.


Kaela and Lisa