Living in the Gap

Are you living in the gap? With each uplevel I see this time and time again. A few years back I went through a major uplevel in my life. I started looking at things in my life that weren’t working from the perspective of full ownership. I changed my inner beliefs. As I started to do this work and create shifts, it wasn’t translating on the outside. I felt so uncomfortable. On the inside I felt like a new person, but the outside was the same. I wasn’t yet seeing results. This is the moment right before the breakthrough. Does this sound like you? If it is, this is the time to dig DEEP. Be with the emotion, be with the mess, and keep going. Believe in yourself and show up for yourself. 

Think of it like a diet. You adopt a healthy lifestyle, you start working out, you start giving up foods that weren’t making you feel good. You probably feel great on the inside, but maybe you are still carrying more excess weight than you wanted to. You know and I know that if you stick with that healthy lifestyle, eventually you WILL have the results. The exact same thing is happening in your business. You’re upgrading the way you’re thinking and if you don’t give up and keep thinking nourishing thoughts, it will be very visible to the outside of your business.

If you are in the gap, remember it is a part of the journey. Keep going no matter what it looks like on the outside. The only way it won’t work is if you give up.