How to be a leader when you don’t know what to do…


Hey sister! Kaela here!

What do you do when your family, your company, or your country needs you… like right now? I’ve been feeling this deeply lately. And I know a lot of others are feeling this too. I’ve started by taking two steps every day.

These two steps are:

1) Show Up

2) Be Kind

This is a time, especially as women, where we are asking ourselves, “What can I do to be the leader that I know that I am.” Or, “How can I be there for my family, my community, and my country in this time of confusion and fear.” When I ask myself this question, which I do a lot, I always get the same two answers. Show up and be kind. You don’t have to know what to do or what to say. You get to show up. Your showing up matters. Having other people see that you’re in it too and that we are in it together gives permission for everyone else to show up and be the leader that they are too.

And then we get to be kind. Say good morning or ask someone how their day is going. Being kind in the world makes an impact.

Show up for your kids, for yourself, for your company, on Facebook. Wherever it is that you show up will make a difference. It is SO important that we show up. Let’s not get in our own way. Let’s not judge ourselves and think that we don’t have makeup on, so we can’t, or we don’t have money, or we aren’t ready. Let ourselves show up. Become leaders. Stand in our power as leaders. Show up and deliver a kind message from the heart.