The 2 Simple Steps I Used to Make Myself Super Hireable

Kaela here! Maybe you’ve already heard my story. I came into success as an entrepreneur very early on. My first 90 days as an entrepreneur were ROUGH. I spent a lot of my time crying on my bathroom floor, wondering where clients would come from, and if they would pay me. Even through these rough times, I stayed really committed. There were 2 things I was doing in those first 90 days that on day 91 allowed me to become hireable. It allowed me to become someone who was getting consistent clients. We talk a lot about business strategy, and I was certainly using that, but here are the other 2 things I consistently did:


1) I asked myself:

-Who is it that I want to hire? 

-What is it about them that makes them so attractive? 

-What makes me feel like I would love to work with them? 

-What makes me feel like my money would be well invested on them? 

I got really clear on what ways of being the people that I wanted to hire had. For me, the people that I really want to work with are showing up consistently. They also were showing up confidently. They were celebrating and sharing wins and successes they had.

2) I made the choice to be that myself. 

-I chose to be committed. 

-I chose to show up consistently. 

-I chose to follow through. 

-I chose to trust myself. 

At first, there were small results. And I realized the things that made me want to hire others, were why others wanted to hire me. It was about who I was being that allowed people to reach out to me.

Now, I would hire me! I would make the same investment in myself that other people make in me. Why? Because I am committed. I show up. I set big goals for myself. This worked for me at first in my business and it works for me even greater now. It allows me to feel so celebratory with who I am. I don’t use it as a comparison to someone else, but how I can be that way too!

What qualities would have you be super hireable? Lean in. Choose that as a way of being for yourself.