Does the thought of “having it all” make you feel guilty?

This is one of the most frequent conversations I have when a client is getting started on their entrepreneurial journey or about to uplevel. It may not be the first thing that comes up, but it eventually comes to surface. It is a fear of feeling guilty when you “have it all”. Having it all can mean having time freedom, space, flexibility, and vacationing. It can mean being totally present with your family. It can mean big juicy paychecks. There is no one size fits all definition of having it all. Think about what “having it all” means for you. Now, what is getting in the way or slowing you down from having it all? Does the fear of feeling guilty ever come up for you? There may be other people in your life that aren’t living the same experience as you. You might be afraid you’ll feel guilty when you turn on the news and there are people in need when you have it all. 


What is really going on here? Let’s peel back the layers. When this feeling of guilt happens we are perpetuating a belief of scarcity. For example, if we think we will feel guilty if we’re well-paid, we are thinking that by us making money we will be taking away money from others. This is not the truth. There is an abundant amount of money. We don’t have to believe in scarcity to keep things fair. 

If you see a friend having an experience of lack, instead of trying to level up, you might jump in the hole with them to avoid feeling guilty. This doesn’t help them. This only perpetuates scarcity. Money is energy. If we want to create an opportunity for others in our lives to have it, our job is to be responsible for attracting that energy into our lives. If you have been perpetuating this fear of feeling guilty you are also taking away the opportunity for other people in your life to have what they want.

My invitation to you is to get that you don’t have to feel guilty. Living in abundance also creates more opportunities for everyone else in your life to have what they desire too. Say yes to what you want!