The Rise of the Well Paid Woman

It's Time to Get Paid.


Hey sister,

Do you think 2019 is the year of the rise of the well paid woman? I think that it is. It is a necessity that women are well paid. Women are visionaries, change makers, and courageous enough to buck the group think of “that’s just how it is.” Money creates access to options.  

Money amplifies our ability to cause transformation and liberation for ourselves, our families, and our community.  

Well paid women impact the world. We have hiring and buying power. We vote with our dollars. Decisions are made with money, women need to be at the table.  

Being overworked and underpaid is an epidemic. Women are burning the candle at both ends, doing #allthethings, and still waking up with the feeling of “I need to do more.” The pressure to overperform is still met with bank accounts that are less than plentiful.  

Once we get that it's crucial that we are well paid, the next question is, "How do we generate this money?"  

The answer is rooted in two pillars: 1) Our relationship with money, wealth, and receiving. 2) The actions we take to attract and receive money.  

This means it’s not just about what you are doing to generate money, but also that your relationship with money has everything to do with prosperity.  

Join us Friday, April 19 for this interactive workshop to rise into your power as a money making, world changing boss.

To your rise,