Create From Your Future to Shift Your Results

Creating from our future vs creating from our past is something we always try to shift for our clients. This has the ability to change your life if you let it.

Often we subconsciously give things from our past meaning. It’s important to understand this and how it affects what you’re doing now. Maybe you’ve made a money mistake in your past and now you are afraid to invest in your business. Maybe now you say, “I’m not good with money.” Instead try saying, “I made a bad decision with money in the past.” Don’t let your mistakes or past become your identity.

Look at your past events and decide to give those a new meaning. That’s all it takes is one decision. Decide that your mistakes can be the reason for your success and now try shifting into creating from your future.

Creating from the future is getting in touch with our future selves. Who are you when you think about the future version of you? What do you believe? How do you act? Try making decisions from that place. We invite you to step out of the past meanings and choose a meaning that your future self would be empowered by. Choose a new meaning today and then look to the future.


Lisa & Kaela