Three Must-Haves to Create an Epic Year

Will this year be different?

I love the excitement of ushering a brand new year.  It represents a new beginning and brings with it the promise of realizing new dreams and goals.

What is the one thing you want to make happen this year more than anything?  Will this be the year your biz hits 6 figures, you leave your part time job, or you launch a brand new program? Maybe you’re already feeling successful and now you’re ready to scale, to play a bigger game.

What will you have to do differently to make that a reality?  What will you need to learn? What old beliefs will you need to let go of?

Here are 3 must haves to hit your goals this year:

  1. A Clear Vision - aka you need to know where you’re going in order to get there.  Imagine going on a road trip with no idea of the destination. It might be an adventure, but sooner or later your bound to end up on a dead end road.

  2. A Detailed Road Map  to guide you to your destination.  When we travel to the new destination for the first time, we use a map or set our GPS to the help us find our way.  Turn by turn we take each road until it leads us to the next. If we make a wrong turn we can use our map to get us back on track quickly.

  3. Like-Minded Adventurers to share the experience with.  You could lone-wolf it, but the journey would get lonely, or you could set out with some people who aren’t headed to the same destination as you.  Imagine how confusing it would be if you each desire to reach a different destination. You might have to give up your dream in order to stay together and you could find yourself working for someone else’s dream instead of your own.

We’re about to set out an epic journey as we officially launch Rise Leadership Circle on January 1 and the three must-haves above will be our guide.  

You'll start the year by creating a clear vision and designing a plan to get there with our Signature System:  Design Your Epic Year and our 90 Day Splash formula. This will help you create a detailed road map designed to chunk down your goals into bite size pieces so that you have a clear daily, monthly, quarterly plan firmly in place.  

No more dead-end roads or wrong turns that completely take you off course, plus you’ll have a community of powerful women by your side,  all headed in the same direction. When we travel together we get there faster, avoid getting off track and have SO much for FUN along the journey.  There’s still time to join us - submit your application before Dec. 30 to launch with us in 2019!

Cheers to an epic 2019!