Are you driving your business like THIS?!

Driving our car can be comparable to how we drive our business. Depending on how you drive, it might not be very effective.

Are you a super cautious grandma driver? Clutching the steering wheel? Avoiding the highway? Filling up on a half tank? 

Or are you driving like a racecar driver? Your gas light is always on? Honking at people to get out of your way? Missing your exit? Crashing and burning?

If we drive our business like the super cautious--or grandma driver, you are really rooted in fear. It’s taking way longer to get there than you need to. When there’s an opportunity to fast track your business you’re unsure and avoid moving forward.

If we drive like the racecar driver, you might be missing opportunities. You might not be listening to your customers. You are probably exhausted and don’t realize that the crashing and burning is slowing you down.

Maybe you are in the middle. You’re committed to where you’re going but conscious of what’s around. 

It’s okay to be any of these at different times, but know that there is an option. Is the way that you’re currently driving your business effective? Or do you want to choose something different?


Kaela & Lisa

PS You don’t need to have a whole road map to get where you’re going. Follow the signs along the way.