How to Become a Powerful Decision Maker Now!

Leaders are powerful decision makers. In order to become the CEO of your business you need to have a six figure mindset. 

Our brains make 35,000 decisions a day. We are always making a choice. Do I want coffee or tea? Do I want to wear this or that? The whole day is full of decision making that uses up a lot of our brain power. 

When we feel like we’re not making traction or just spinning our wheels there’s often a decision that’s not being made. If you feel like you’re treading water or not getting anywhere, ask yourself if you’re delaying making a decision that will push you forward.

When we delay a decision, that decision is just using up energy in your brain. Our mind is still thinking about it even if you aren’t actually making the decision. 

Instead, make a powerful choice now and move forward. Free up your brain to focus on what it needs to. Here’s how:

Look at the best case scenario for each option. Instead of tripping out on fear, or playing the what-if game, think of the best way each option will work out. From there you can make a choice between multiple best case scenarios instead of making your decision from a what-if scenario filled with fear.

By just choosing you are taking a step. That first step will give you more information to make your next choice. Not every decision will be exactly what you think it will be, but make the decision and move forward.