How to Get Out of Your Way and Connect with Ideal Clients


Kaela here!

I’m opening up an Italian restaurant. Do you want to see the menu?

I’d love for you to check it out. Maybe you’ve had a hankering for Italian and your excited to try a new spot.

Maybe you’re hungry but you didn’t know what you were craving and seeing the menu will have Italian be just the thing.

Maybe you’ve been promising to indulge yourself and a nice Italian meal will do the trick.

Maybe Italian isn’t really your jam, but you’ll check the menu out anyway so you can make a recommendation to others.

Wherever you fall, would you be willing to check the menu out for my new Italian restaurant? Feeling excited after and making a reservation or simply moving on with your life, no sweat, if it doesn’t look appetizing.

I’m not actually opening an Italian restaurant, but I did open a new coaching business.

And I want to share the menu with you all the time.

My clients, who are entrepreneurs, often tell me they’re afraid to share what they have to offer because they don’t want to be salesy. And I ask them, “If you were opening an Italian restaurant would you be afraid to share the menu?”

Of course not!

I’m really proud of my new business. After a year of continued, advance training I have new ways to support my clients. RLC provides incredible coaching, but in a different structure than other places. We’ve designed a structure in service of sisterhood and results.

Will you check out our menu?

Maybe you’ve been looking for you next coach or community to take you to the next level.

Maybe you know you need some kind of support, but you’re not sure what and looking at our menu will help you decide.

Maybe you’ve been promising to invest in yourself and this is the exact investment that can support you to create results.

Maybe working with a coach isn’t really your jam but you’ll check the menu out anyway so you can make a referral to a friend.

Cheers to your success!