3 Areas of Business Self Care We Must Not Neglect

If you’re familiar with Rise Leadership Circle, you know that we are self care queens! We believe that self care is the way to get all of the things we want in our life and our business! Today, we aren’t talking about self care for ourselves, but about self care for our business. Here are the 3 categories of business self care:

  1. Foundations we setup when we start our business or when we uplevel our business.

  2. Daily actions that we take on a consistent basis.

  3. The actions that we take to give us a boost, not just moving things along. 

Foundational pieces look like having a website, having a business plan, creating a cohesive brand, maybe even hiring a coach. You have to set these things up or invest in yourself first, to set yourself up for success. 

The next area of business self care are the daily actions we take in our business. These are actions like showing up on social media, following up with clients, serving our current clients really well, and setting goals. If we neglect this our business will not be sustainable! 

Finally, we need to give our business a boost! To us, this looks like a business retreat, or a mastermind. These are things that will stretch us into a new level for our business. It will bring you inspiration and connection and will elevate your business outside of what you do on a consistent basis. When you step away from your business and eliminate distractions you can truly learn and make the shifts you need to to uplevel. You can also do quarterly goal mapping days. Take a day out of your business and map out what your big goals are for the next quarter. Look at the big picture.

Let’s look at this self care practice like we brush our teeth. The foundation is buying your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Then, you take daily action. You don’t think about brushing your teeth daily, you just do it! And once or twice a year, you need a boost. You set up a dentist appointment to get that deep cleaning. Business self care is as simple as brushing your teeth! We couldn’t imagine skipping these steps for our teeth, so why would we skip them for our business? 

Are you missing any of the 3 business self care pieces? If we opt out of any of the areas of business self care, our business won’t have what it needs to work. We invite you to get present to these three areas and make magic happen! 


Lisa & Kaela