You Will See It When You Believe It

You’ve probably heard Wayne Dyer say it before, “You will see it when you believe it.” He has even wrote an entire book about it. In order to manifest something in our lives we have to believe that it’s possible. Often, we block ourselves. We are in fear, in doubt, and let our ego run the show. This has been true for me and countless others I’ve coached. This goes beyond goal setting. To change anything in our lives, we have to change our beliefs first. 


Think about something in your life that you are wanting to create right now. Do you believe in it 100%? If not, notice what’s getting in the way. Where is that fear coming from? What is it that’s blocking you?

One of the things that came up for me a lot was an old limiting belief around worthiness. Most women I have coached have worked through this same struggle. There is an old limiting belief that we are unworthy. That we don’t deserve it. Whenever we have a belief deep down, we often look for evidence of that belief. If we believe we are unworthy, we notice evidence all around of this being true. It’s called confirmation bias and it’s one of the reasons that it can be so hard to change our limiting beliefs. Our ego hates to be proven wrong. In our logical minds, we know we are worthy. But, internally it can be hard to shift. So how do we shift it?

You are always in control of what you think. Beliefs are thoughts we think over and over. Every time you find yourself picking up that old belief we have to call it out and choose again. Often I like to say, I choose love instead of this. 

We have to work to create this change. We have to constantly remind ourselves and commit to cultivating this new belief. Eventually we will start seeing evidence of our new belief being true all around us. You have control over what you think and you are WORTHY.