3 Steps to Receive Your Desires


Kaela here!

What are your desires? Whatever they may be, money, health, love, simple, or seemingly impossible there are 3 steps you must take to receive them. These three steps together are the marriage between manifesting and making it happen.

Most people may think of manifesting as sitting on their yoga mat and connecting to an image in their head and then magically there it is. Making it happen looks more like the outer game. It means taking action and checking things off the list. When we bring together manifesting and making it happen we can then actually receive our desires.

Follow the three steps below every single day until your result is created. It’s not enough to know how to do it, our sign up for a program, we must follow the steps consistently to create results. If you want these steps to work for you, embody them, and get responsible. If you are working to manifest something that seems impossible, it could happen in one day, but it might take time, so be patient with yourself and stay consistent.

  1. INTENTION - Set a clear intention for what it is that you want to receive. Do not use the words “more” or “less”. Get specific. Have an exact dollar amount, number of clients you want to take on, or hours of sleep you want to get, whatever your desire may be.

  2. EMOTION - This is where we get to go within and do the inner work. You can do this by connecting with your vision board, journaling, meditating, or getting out in nature. Dial up the emotion, and have your body physically experience the emotion that you will have when your desire is created. What would it feel like? Would there be butterflies? Would you be smiling from ear to ear? Physically feel it, don’t just think about it.

  3. ACTION - Go out into the world and take action that would cause that result from the feeling that you just dialed up. Instead of going into it with the feeling of despair, scarcity, or skepticism take action from the feeling you dialed up.

So, are you just playing in one or two of those categories? These three steps use our brain, our heart, and our body. We need all three and we need them consistently to receive our desires.

I invite you to take this on and take it on seriously. Step into these three things and let them make a difference for you. Watch what can be created in your life when you are committed to showing up for you. Your desires matter and you get to have them.